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Rotary Wing Command



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As with Fixed wing aircraft operations, Mil-Air Rotary wing; 'Aucon' Squadron deals with all military related helicopter assistance flights. Traditional military helicopters as well as some special purpose equipment have been evaluated and deployed with the squad.

There is no pre-set mission schedule for helicopter operations. Rotary Wing Command [RWC] plans and allocates helicopter missions in accordance with requirements of the clients. Pilots are allowed to plan and submit their own helicopter missions for approval. R-W missions are identified with letter 'H'. Before requesting R-W missions pilots should complete a SCF for each helicopter type that they wish to operate.

For away from base deployments, RWC will co-ordinate with Global Missions Command to arrange Mil-Air's heavy-lift aircraft such as C-17, C-141 and C-5A for transportation of helicopter. GMC will assign a Mil-Air Fixed wing aircraft pilot (or the same helicopter pilot if he/she is type rated to operate the required heavy lift aircraft) to operate these special Global mission. When helicopter is arrived at required location, helicopter pilot should accomplish the Rotary wing part of the mission. When completed, helicopter will be transported back to its home base using a heavy-lift aircraft. Efficient teamwork involving both Fixed wing and Rotary wing pilots is the prime factor in this concept.


Rotary Wing Mission # : H808 Helicopter Type : Sikorsky S-61N

Assigned to Pilot # : MA00A

Mission Details : Sikorsky S-61N is required for a counter intelligence mission.

Area of Operation : Red Sea, Middle East.

GMC Instructions : Fixed wing pilot MA00B to operate Global Mission # GM607 FAR > Cairo, and GM607A Cairo > FAR. Aircraft C-17.

[Note: If MA00A is C-17 type rated he/she can operate GM607/607A]

RWC Instructions : Rotary wing pilot MA00A to depart from Cairo for mission H808. Return to Cairo when completed.

At the end of the assignment separate Completed Mission Reports should be submitted for missions GM607/607A and H808 by the pilot(s).


Before Engine Start

Bofore Taxying

Before Take-off


Anti collision lights- On

Auto pilot data- Set / As required

Trim- Set for take-off

Auto pilot data- Check

Fuel status- Check

GPS- Set / As required

Flight controls- Check all

ASI/Altimeter- Check

Flight plan- Review

Anti-ice- Set / As required

Rotor RPM- 100%

Rotor RPM- 95-100%

Mission log- Prepare

Departure data- Review

Strobe/Landing lights- On

Fuel status- Check

Pre Descent

Before Landing

After landing

Shut down

Approach data- Review

Mission log- Update

Strobes/Landing lights- Off

Throttles- Idle for 1 min

ASI/Altimeter- Set

Altimeter- Set

Trim- Zero

Anti-ice- Off

Fuel status- Check

Landing lights- On

GPS- Off

Anti-collision lights- Off

Auto pilot data- Check

Rotor RPM- 100%

Controls- Centered

Mission log- Complete


Rotary Wing Missions Request Form

Rotary Wing Hangars

Pilots can use helicopters from Mil-Air hangar or other similar helicopter model and should state that in the mission report



Authorized for all ranks



Authorized for 'First Officer' rank and above



Authorized for 'Captain-I' rank and above


Mil-Air would like to thank all the designers, testers, and artists for their great work done with the helicopters listed here. We appreciate their dedication.

(c) Mil-Air 2000-2003

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