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Essentials For Flight Simulation

This page provides you with the essential items required to enhance your flight simulation experience. Follow the links below to download. Descriptions are provided to help you determine if you need them or not. Mil-Air has the following minimum requirements.


Gearbag Links

WinZip: An excellent decompression program. Look for the freeware/shareware version.

Flight Simulator Converter: Aircraft Converter for MS Flight Simulator 95, 98 and 2000. Aircraft requiring converter are offered with installation instructions.

Panel for Four Engine Aircraft: This panel can be used with all prop and jet aircraft with four engines. It has a built-in GPS and headup display.

DPGPS3 GPS Program: This small (single file) GPS program is usable with any aircraft/panel combination. Upgrades are available from author.

Flight Dynamics Editor: By Abacus. Using FDE, you'll be able to change any of the "known" variables (Ex. Fuel load, Fuel flow, etc.) in FS2000, FS98 or CFS *.air files to change an aircraft's flight characteristics.




Panels for Two and Three Engine Aircraft. These panels can be used with all prop and jet aircraft with 2 or 3 engines. Some have built-in GPS display. 

FSFW95/FS98 NavicomGPS v2.26. GPS gauge with the ability to take out data from the scenery file. It has autopilot and a flight plan making function. It supports landing by the setting of an approach point. By Hideyuki Niwa. Name: Size: 307,679 Date: 06-14-1998

FSFW95/FS98 NavDash v2.5. NavDash is an add-on navigation support system. It has similar FMS (Flight Management System) and ND (Navigation Display) with those on a Boeing 747-400 or 777. You can make flight plans with the FMS and display the map on the ND. You can enjoy programmed auto pilot according to your flight plan. By Masakazu "E-chan" Iizuka. Name: Size: 1,310,489 Date: 05-23-1998

FSFW95 GPS/Real Weather Waypoints Generator v2.1. This is a utility that will read flight plan files (*.fpf) created by Flightplanner 4.0b and create a GPS 1.1 or Real Weather 4 or DPGPS waypoint file for that flight. By Chuck Tessein. Name: Size: 147,329 Date: 11-26-1997

FSFW95 Oriant Flight Computer Adventure v2 by Ly Tran. Oriant Flight Computer Adventure is a Win95 program that creates an FSFW95 adventure simulating the many functions of a flight computer to enable flying from point to point automatically and almost hands free. The system, known as Flight Management Computer or FMC, can fly your airplane according to your loaded flight plan, simulates a realistic cockpit environment with GPWS and computer voice annunciations (flaps, gears, v speeds, alt call-out on landing, etc...) and most importantly, provides an autoland feature. Name: Size: 2,639,804 Date: 10-17-1997

FlightSim Planner 98 v2.0. Flight planner and scenery viewer for FS5.x and FS98 (reads FS98's new *afd.bgl files). Includes 10,000 ICAO codes and 27,000 intersections. Displays navaids, runways, taxiways, and airport polygons. The program is shareware; unregistered users are restricted to Europe1 and California. FSP98.ZIP contains the full installation (program and runtime files) while this file does not include the standard Visual Basic 5 runtime files. By Sascha W. Felix. Name: Size: 2,695,360 Date: 03-25-1998

Flight planner version 4.0 Major update for the windows based Flight planner 3.1. Flightplanner 4.0 creates flights for MS Flight Simulator. Supports FS5.0(a), FS5.1 and FSFW95. By Math Maessen. Name: Size: 2,560,509 Date: 01-12-1997

Flight planner update to version 4.0b. To use this upgrade you must already have version 4.0 installed. By Math Maessen. Name: Size: 238,256 Date: 03-09-1997

FSNavigator FSNavigator was created for Flight Simulator, making it easier to find your way from one airport to another using the available waypoints from your scenery. All these airports and waypoints are projected on a flat or round map.

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