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Mission Request Form


For Routine Missions, Global Missions, ACF and CCF


Rev-8. Most recently updated information or requirements are marked with #

Please submit your mission request below. If you have problems with the form, promptly send an e-mail to Mil-Air Ops with mission request details.


1. When selecting an aircraft / mission combination consider the suitability of the aircraft to mission distance.

2. When requesting 'Routine Missions' select one complete round trip.

Example: Mission Request#1 "900" (i.e. Outbound flight).

Mission Request#2 "901A" (i.e. Inbound flight of Mission Request # 1)

3. When requesting 'Global Missions' provide location details of the extra airport.

Example: 1) ADW > Colorado City Muni., Arizona > ADW

Example: 2) IGL > Salzburg, Austria > IGL

# 4. You have the option to request the weather conditions. Then Mission Command will send you randomly selected weather for takeoff and landing airports.

# 5. You have the option to request aircraft status. Then Mission Command will send your requested aircraft's serviceability status (i.e. details of any unserviceable equipment, aircraft operational limitations, etc.).

Mission Request Form


Pilot ID # :  Name :

E-mail address :


Type of Aircraft [Refer Note 1] :

Type of mission : 

Routine Mission  > Mission Numbers : [Refer Note 2]

Global Mission

For 'Global Missions' provide mission details below : [Refer Note 3]


    # Additional mission data (Optional) :

    Provide random weather [Refer Note 4] Provide aircraft status Refer Note 5]


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