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Military-Air Assistance Center


Welcome to the world of virtual Military Assistance Flights.

Here at Mil-Air, our pilots do one of the most demanding the military with assistance flights. As the presence of the military becomes more and more obvious at different locations around the world, so does their equipment and troops. Our agency helps with the delivery of equipment with the exclusive use of military aircraft. This is to ensure that the men and material reach their destination promptly.

If you like flying high above the clouds or picking grass out of your props, Mil-Air has the opportunity you've been waiting for.

August 6 2001 at 0010 GMT


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New aircraft join Mil-Air fleet

M-A has acquired a range of latest Boeing and Airbus aircraft types - B767, A310, A320, A330 and A300ST - to supplement its fleet. Boeing 767 is based in M-A US commands and Airbus aircraft are based in Europe Command, but all aircraft are available for worldwide missions. Visit Mil-Air Hangars for details.


European base relocation

M-A is working on transition of European Ops of present Ingolstadt AB (IGL) to Ramstein AB (RMS), Germany. We will be bringing many new mission types to this new command to include cargo, AF support and incorporating all European Skytrain missions. MA continues to work with local authorities on specifics of new command. Stand by for more details.


Medevac Sqaudron is Active

Mil-Air begins a new chapter in its illustrious history and pilots have an exiting new challenge ahead. Under agreement, we are flying Air Force Medevac missions and associated refuelling and transport flights in support. New command is flying regularly scheduled AF MEDEVAC flights using C-9A, C-130H, C-141B and C-17 aircraft. Command is based out of ADW, home of the NARMC. Visit Medevac Command.


'Global Missions Command' is active

Missions are available to virtually any airport in the world using 3rd party scenery

or FS2000 through Global Missions Command





  1. SCF & ACF updated to Ver-9. Refer Check Flight Command for changes.
  2. Read about Mil-Air news, Promotions, New pilots, etc. in Mil-News.
  3. Missions distance restrictions applied to Pilot Ratings. Refer Policy Manual.
  4. UPDATED >>> Mission schedules with additional flights. Visit Mission Command.
  5. Pilots who have not completed their minimum flying requirement please contact Operations Director. 


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